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About us

Techno bois is a family owned Lebanese brand of quality furniture designers and manufacturers.
Proud of our past four decades of wood crafting expertise, we are passionate about providing our clientele with the best furniture designs using the latest technologies at the most convenient prices.

We work day and night to follow the newest market trends and wood manufacturing technologies to handle the projects of interior designers, architects, project managers and householders at the fastest pace possible.

Offering avant-garde designs, our product line includes a unique collection of doors, kitchens, bedrooms, dining rooms, sitting rooms, offices and general wood contracting.

Our concern is to understand our client, achieve his plan within a predefined schedule in accordance with a tasks list. We are all about precision because we deeply believe that furniture design is an art.


The best quality wood furniture

To provide our clientele with the best quality wood furniture available on the market, manufactured using the latest wood technology according to international standards.”


We provide guarantee with all

Product Offerings: Doors, kitchens, bedrooms, dining rooms, sitting rooms, offices, and general wood contracting.
Number of employees: 50
Skills: Designers, marketers, project managers, carpenters, technicians.
Equipment: The factory is equipped with the most sophisticated machinery . Implementing Total Quality Management at each stage of the production phase, we make every effort in bringing a flawless final product.
Total Solutions from A to Z: Right from the time we help you draw your plan; we follow it up all the way until execution and we provide you free delivery and installation.
Durability: Our designers guarantee that every product passes through the most stringent testing of international time and quality standards.

Response Time: Our reasonable lead time enables us to reply to urgent requirements – for; we all know the value of every minute in the world of business.
1. We follow the highest safety measures during the whole process of production and installation. In fact, our team is our most valued asset and one of our concerns is to protect all its personnel.
2. All our products are precisely produced and installed with caution in order to prevent any safety issues with our customers and for optimum comfort.
Therefore our work is not limited to design only but to the everyday lives of our customers.
Guarantee: we provide guarantee with all our products. A single manufacturing defect will be immediately repaired or even replaced.


We believe in sustainable forestry

We import wood material from companies who recycle wood because we believe in sustainable forestry. These companies produce wood from forest thinning and residual wood in selected quality from sawmills.
In return we contribute in foresting many areas in Lebanon that have been burned a while back.
We believe in Sustainability and help the environment by:
Minimizing waste through the re-use of many left pieces.
Producing more durable furniture requiring less
maintenance, thus ,increasing comfort and financial savings.
Using energy and water wisely.
Avoiding toxic emissions.
Using non-toxic paints and adhesives.